America’s First “Feel-Good” Multi. High Potency Complete Multivitamin & Mineral Formula. Potent Doses of B-Vitamins & Powerful Antioxidants. Supports Improved Brain Function, Focus, Memory & Learning. Combats Stress, Supports Positive Mood & An Overall Feeling Of Well Being. Maintains Optimal Health, Mood & Vitality. Health, Vitality, Energy, Longevity… LIFE. Live it with Dr. Feel Good! America’s 1st “FEEL-GOOD” Multi. Dr. Feel Good! combines a potent combination of vitamins A-Z, a broad spectrum of minerals, an Antioxidant & Liver Support Matrix and Cognition & “FEEL-GOOD” Components. Together this unprecedented combination of precisely dosed ingredients provide you vital nutrients and botanicals that support improved health, energy, mood, and focus. Dr. Feel Good! also combats stress while working to fight off the “blues” thus supporting a longer and better quality of life. All this in one convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use formula. It’s your life and it’s your choice. Choose wisely, choose Dr. Feel. Good! and live your life with great health, vitality, energy, and longevity. Run after your dreams and feel good all day everyday with Dr. Feel Good!


Brand: SAN


Item Size: 224 ea

Height x Width x Length: 4.375x3.75x3.75

Extended Size: 224 VitaAktive Tablets

SAN Dr. Feel Good! 224 ea Energy Supplement

$55.88 Regular Price
$54.20Sale Price

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