Featuring Revigor. 42g protein. 1.5g Revigor HMB. 23 vitamins & minerals. For those who seek to Build Muscle this product offers: 42g of protein with a sustained-release amino acid profile, featuring a blend of rapid and slowly digested proteins, designed to promote muscle protein synthesis. Includes 8.75g of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Research shows that BCAAs help muscles recuperate after strenuous exercise and may help reduce exercise-related muscle damage. Energy, Vitamins & Minerals: Rapid release glucose polymer for fast glycogen replacement to deplete muscle. 23 vitamins and minerals for daily nutrition. 90% daily recommended value of Calcium for muscle function and bone health. Excellent source of eight B-vitamins for energy and protein metabolism. An excellent source of the antioxidant vitamins C and E, and selenium for immune support. 1.5g Revigor HMB: Produced naturally in the body from the amino acid leucine. Protects muscle tissue by reducing the breakdown of protein. Preserves muscles by strengthening muscle cell integrity. Promotes muscle growth by accelerating protein synthesis. Protect muscle tissue. Preserve muscle cells. Promote muscle growth.


Brand: EAS

Flavour: French Vanilla

Item Size: 12 ea

Height x Width x Length: 6.4x15.6x5.6

Extended Size: 12- (3x4 Pack) (17 fl oz shakes) [2 qt 4 fl oz]2L

EAS Myoplex Original Nutrition Shake RTD French Vanilla 12 ea Protein Drink


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