Naturally Flavored & Sweetened. 50 Calories. 10g Protein. 1g Sugar. Premium Whey Protein Isolate: Protein 2GO contains 10 grams of fast-acting premium whey protein isolate-providing muscle energy while stimulating recovery and growth. 50 Calories: Not only is drinking 50 calorie protein better than sugary drinks, it’s good for your waistband and helps tame your cravings. B-Vitamins: Essential for normal muscle function and key contributors to keeping energy levels up during calorie restriction. Vitamin C: 100% of your daily value of the potent antioxidant Vitamin C to help support a healthy and strong immune system. What Designer Whey Doesn’t Have: No Artificial Sweeteners. No Red #40, No Artificial Flavors. No Gluten. No Caffeine. No Lactose.


Brand: Designer Protein

Flavour: Mixed Berry

Item Size: 5 ea

Height x Width x Length: 6x2.75x2

Extended Size: 5-0.56 Packets

Designer Protein Premium Whey Isolate Protein 2Go Mixed Berry 5 ea Protein Add


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