Anabolic Mass Gainer. Muscle/Strength Building Programs. Power/Endurance Programs. Mass Building Programs. Bulk Muscle is exactly what you are looking for- a lean Hardcore Muscle building gainer. It delivers more protein, more carbohydrates, more calories and more quality Lean Muscle in a powerful 5 scoop punch. Our amino profile is second to absolute none and provides substantial growth, recovery, and strength when you need it most. It is a monumental hardcore Gainer profile that helps to support even the most strenuous and intense workouts.


Brand: BPI

Flavour: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Item Size: 5.8 lb

Height x Width x Length: 11.5x7.5x7.5

Extended Size: 5.8 LBS (2640 grams)

BPI Bulk Muscle Chocolate Peanut Butter 5.8 lb Protein Supplement


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